Redefining the Scars - interview with Ryan McCombs for Metal Forces magazine

It was publicly disclosed on July 5th, 2011 that Chicago, Illinois-based heavy rockers SOiL would be rejoined by original lead vocalist and co-founder Ryan McCombs for their October 2011 United Kingdom co-headlining tour with Puddle Of Mudd. A member from 1997 until 2004, Ryan lent vocals to the EPs Soil(1997) and El Chupacabra(November 1998), and the albumsThrottle Junkies (May 1999), Scars(September 2001), and Redefine(March 2004).

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We are teaming up with KICKSTARTER in hopes of getting the funding necessary to produce the new forthcoming SOiL CD. I have mentioned many times recently in interviews that we do indeed intend to write, record and support a new body of work as SOiL. In these mentions the number one goal to achieve this was to find a way that the band could do so and keep the control of the project in our own hands. By "keeping control in our own hands" I am referring to the band being able to oversee and control every aspect of the process from writing and recording to marketing, publicity, manufacturing and distribution of the CD. Too many times in our careers decisions have been made that ultimately led to negative results. At this point we feel that by keeping every aspect of a new release within our control is the only way to assure ourselves and YOU, the people that have given us the ability to still be here today through your support, the truest most honest SOiL CD humanly posable. Through KICKSTARTER we believe we have found a means to achieve these goals. The following is a press release that went out today upon the launching of this effort describing how this project works. I won't personally try to add anything more as those of you that are familiar with my ramblings know that I am able to easily leave readers confused and bewildered. I write lyrics for a living not essays. Though I did write an essay once in ninth grade about the Rolling Stones I'm pretty sure I just copied that one for my senior year. Now that I think about it I may have written the original Stones essay in Jr High. Are they able to revoke your diploma? ehhh,... See what happens?!?

"ANYWAY… Please take a look at what we are doing and if anything interests you and you are able, then please join in the cause.. Thank you..
Peace love and the Rolling Stones. 2-3 passing grades on one essay? thats some bang for your buck." - Ryan

SOiL Launches Kickstarter Campaign As Work Begins On New Album

Chicago's SOiL has launched an interactive pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter ( to enable fans to participate in the release of their forthcoming album.  Fans will receive exclusive shirts, a chance to have dinner with the band, autographed merchandise, attend studio sessions,an exclusive new mp3 download of the first studio song with Ryan since the "" album and more. They also will be the first to receive the new album when it’s released. 

SOiL’s lead singer Ryan McCombs says, "This Kickstarter project is allowing us to offer unique opportunities to our fans, who are the people who allow us to do what we do.  It also allows us as a band to keep control over every aspect of the forthcoming SOiL album.”

SOiL is an American rock band that formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1997.  After some independent releases, the band was the first rock group signed to J Records and achieved mainstream success with their 2001 major label debut, SCARS, with the hit single, "Halo.”  This success was followed by the second J Records album, RE.DE.FINE, which was released in 2004. The band released two more independent albums (TRUE SELF and PICTURE PICTURE) in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

In the Fall of 2011, SOiL embarked on a sold-out U.K. tour commemorating the 10th anniversary of their landmark album, SCARS. The band has since began writing a new album and planning a full promotion campaign. With the state of the music business, the band decided to record and promote the album solely on their own with the help of their diehard fans.

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

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